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Ackee & Okra represents me, the African diaspora, and feeding people the nourishment they need through art, apparel, and affirmations. Personally, the Ackee represents my Jamaican heritage through my maternal grandparents and the Okra represents my African American lineage through my dad’s side (and West African roots from both sides as well).


Both things come together to make me the Jamerican that I am and both passages shaped the purpose that I’m walking in today. I’m excited to share new projects and to continue uplifting Black people (Black women specifically). So check in, and check in often.


Ackee Symbolism: Caribbean/West African. Making something unexpected - bearing unexpected fruit. Thrives in warm environments. Flower


Okra Symbolism: American Black/West African. Thrives in warm environments. Flower. Introduced to America with the TransAtlantic slave trade. 90% water. Can reduce chances of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. May help with breast cancer risks.


The Number 3: Ackee produces three fruit pods within its flower and I wanted to maintain that number by adding three Okra to the design. The number 3 signifies wholeness, divine perfection, and completion. Black People (specifically Black Women) are whole, complete, and lacking nothing.

ME: Vanessa Wells

They Ask Me What I Do & Who I Do It For

While going through my rebranding, I kept singing the above line. The answer is, what I do is uplift people and to help them become passionate about their goals and their work through my gifts. The people I do it for are the people that look like me.

Vanessa Wells
Ackee & Okra Logo
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